Bro of the Week 8.8.14

The  Bro of the Week is here just in time for the weekend. Summer is winding down for those who are going back to school and for those who are actual adults its same shit different day except the weather starts to get worse. So get out there this weekend and be a bro for crying out loud.

Anyway, this weeks Bro is Dan LeBatard, ESPN Radio personality, host of a self-titled show and All-Pro Troll.

Being a troll isn’t normally a good thing but in this case I think Dan did it right and was actually pretty funny. If you haven’t ever watched LeBatard’s show you should check it out. It employs Bomani Jones and LeBatard’s father, Papi. They normally get some interesting interviews with players and are a much different take than the usual garbage we hear on First Take or Around the Horn.

What did Dan do to earn him BOTW? Well as a huge Miami Heat fan he was obviously upset when King James decided to take his talents to Eastern Ohio and inquired in the Akron Beacon Journal about taking an ad out thanking Lebron for his time playing for the Heat. The paper declined the offer so instead Lebatard bought a billboard space in Akron.  Here is the board:

Witty, hilarious, a slight towards Lebron. I love it but unfortunately the suits at ESPN did not. They suspended Lebatard for 2 days, saying he would return to the air on Monday. They stated  “Dan LeBatard will be off the air for two days, returning Monday. His recent stunt does not reflect ESPN’s standards and brand. Additionally, we were not made aware of his plans in advance.”

ESPN’s standards?? What would those standards be? Getting on their knees for Lebron day in and day out? Praising his every move both during the season and off season? Get out of here ESPN, you are a joke. I applaud Dan Lebatard for being an actual funny journalist that doesn’t just shove out the same stale content that the rest of his colleagues do (except SVP and a few others).

Congrats Dan on being the Bro of the Week. 6 pack of Natty Ice and a tin of mint Skoal on it’s way. Enjoy your 2 days off from ESPN.


PS: ESPN is a HUGE joke. They suspend Lebatard for a stunt that in the end was pretty harmless all the while they have guys like Stephen A Smith on the air spewing nonsense every day. Yes I know Smith got slapped around by ESPN for his Ray Rice take but still. Lebatard can be a huge troll sometimes (giving his MLB HOF vote to Deadspin) but he at least makes thoughtful remarks that bring new ways of looking at sports.


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Bro of the Week 8/1/2014

Alright alright alright, Bro of the week time here at Crunchtown Sports.

Now, the Bro of the Week isn’t always the most prestigious award but it sure as hell is one of the finest honors that I can bestow upon a man (or woman) whose Bro gene is just that much more dominant than everyone else’s. This week’s winner is a first timer, but in all honesty I cannot believe this guy hasn’t won it before. I think he may be the new face of the BOTW and I apologize for never awarding this man the award before.

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2014 FIFA World Cup Final Grades

World CUp

Well, it’s all over. A month of the beautiful game that swept the United States and the globe off its feet has come to a close, providing us with memories that will last a lifetime. This may have been the greatest World Cup in history, setting a record high in goals scored (171), stunning results like the 7-1 shellacking of Brazil by Germany, and Cinderella stories like Costa Rica advancing to the quarterfinals before being eliminated on penalty kicks. Teams like Germany, Argentina, Brazil, and the Netherlands had phenomenal runs while Spain, Portugal, and England were utterly disappointing. As closure of the world’s greatest event, we run grade each team’s performance based on expectations. We will go in descending order from the FIFA International rank* as of June 5th.

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Why the Hype Around NBA Free Agency?

NBA Free Agency. So hot right now and why not? We have the best player in the world deciding where he is taking his talents next year and a bunch of big name dominoes awaiting to fall immediately after. Which got me thinking to just how big a story this free agency period has been and how big NBA Free Agency normally is every summer. Why is it bigger than most regular season games? Why is it bigger than the FA periods in the NFL, MLB and NHL. I put my thinking cap on and tried to dig up some answers. Feel free to call me on anything you challenge in the comment section. (I am legitimately interested to hear what other people have to say)

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The Legend Of Kiko Alonso [Paused Indefinably]


Via ESPN-The Buffalo Bills confirmed Wednesday that linebacker Kiko Alonso suffered a torn ACL in his left knee while working out in Oregon and will likely miss the 2014 season.

Bills general manager Doug Whaley said in a statement that Alonso would be scheduled for surgery “in the near future and begin a rehabilitation program at the appropriate time.”

“We feel badly for Kiko because he has worked very hard this offseason in preparation for the upcoming season, but we look forward to his return with his style of play that made him one of the league’s outstanding rookies in 2013,” Whaley said in a statement.

I guess this would be the time to announce to the CrunchTown audience my NFL allegiance. It is to the Buffalo Bills. And as  a Bills fan I feel that this is exactly the story that I would be writing about. No it’s not a story about a blockbuster trade that will instantly revamp our squad. No it isn’t about a big name coach or a player’s development, instead it is about their best defensive player tearing his ACL working out and being done for the season.

Such a Buffalo thing to happen. Just when things are looking good (don’t they always look good in June/July?) this has to happen. We finally get a sense that the defense would be the solid positive for the Bills with the offense being the dependent variable for success.  Kiko was almost the Defensive ROY last year with over 150 tackles and the Bill’s decided to move him this offseason to the weakside LB position. A place where he played all of college and was much more comfortable. They sign Brandon Spikes from the Pats to be a run stopper at MLB and pick up a few pieces to fill the strong side. This is a severe blow to the defense and anyone that thinks otherwise is a fool. Best player on the field for the Bills last year and the most consistent.

It sucks to not be able to watch him play this year. He was going to have a great year and it looks like we are going to have to wait until 2014-2015 season for the Legend of Kiko Alonso to continue.


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